We are a family run business that has been producing traditionally made milk ices in Huddersfield since
1961. Not only are we locally known, but people
come from far and wide to try our delicious and
original milk ices. We believe it has a taste of its own...

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Dixons Lockwood
From humble beginnings Dixon’s has evolved to a unique and delicious product we have today.

So where did the name Dixon’s come from you may be asking? Actually it was in August 1961 when Edward Dixon acquired the business from Earnest Rhodes giving us the name we have today.

Many have tried to replicate our product and rumours have been many through the years about the ingredients we use to produce this much sought after milk ice. Some have even romanticised as to what it contains, to the point of it becoming a mystery many would love to solve, I can confidently assure you the mystery will remain for many more years to come. One little secret I can let out of the bag is that we use fresh milk from locally sourced farms, there are no artificial additives’ or stabilisers and it is made fresh every day, for your enjoyment.
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Dixons Lockwood
By 1973, Edward Dixon needed to expand his business due to popular demand and sought out a local lad namely myself Charles Cartwright. The business grew rapidly from then onward, and I was rewarded for this by becoming a partner in 1992.

This has been a happy and rewarding partnership for many years, however retirement comes to everyone and in 2003 Edward retired from the business. His son Charles Dixon took over the role of joint partner from his father to work with myself.

So where to now you might ask after 50 years? We are expanding the business, but we can only remain within the local area to produce our delicious product, otherwise it would not be the same one you have loved for 50 years.

We look forward to welcoming the people of Huddersfield to our new shop which is located on Leeds Road Huddersfield which opened in Spring 2012.
We have a range of catering and specialised services on offer here at Dixons. Whether you need our delicious products at an event or function,
wholesale product supplies or maybe
you would simply like to wear one of our promotional garments?

Here’s an overview of what we can do for you, to find out more information, just give us a call on 01484 308308 or email us at contact@dixonsmilkices.co.uk
Catering for parties, schools, weddings, etc.
Cones, Wafers, Sundries, Sweets, Spoons,
Tubs, etc.
Christmas and seasonal flavour ranges, hampers, etc.
Limited edition T-shirts, promotional hats.
Take a closer look at our own speciality products, made fresh and only available at Dixons Milk Ices:
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Milk Ices
Sauce of your choice
Milk Ices with a selection of different layered flavourings.

Pictured infused flavour:
Strawberry cheesecake
Milk Ices Jelly
Whipped cream
99 flake
Raspberry juice
5 scoops Milk Ices,
2 portions of cream,
4 99 flakes,
2 fudgerydoo sticks,
2 portions of sauce (your choice),
2 portions of mallows or bits,
...serves at least 2!
Milk Ices
1 flake
1 flavour of sauce
Served in a waffle cone
1 scoop Milk Ices
1 shot espresso
Topped with cream,
Dusted with chocolate powder
2 flavours of slush with a scoop of Milk Ices
Milk Ices
A selection of various flavours
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Dixons Milk Ices family? To find out more information, simply email us at
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You can find us at our head quarters and original shop in Lockwood, Huddersfield and our new shop is just a few miles away on Leeds Road.

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Leeds Road
275 Leeds Road, Huddersfield,

Telephone: 01484 519933
18 Swan Lane, Lockwood,
Huddersfield, HD1 3UB

Telephone: 01484 308308
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